Kelato Emergency Kit

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Don’t let minor problems become costly vet bills and help your horse make a full recovery by having the Kelato Equine Emergency First Aid Kit on hand in the event of an accident or injury.

The Equine Emergency First Aid kit: * Is compact & easy to grab to take to the horse

  • * Contains the essentials for the most common injuries
  • * Has no need for ice – cooling for inflammation is in the kit
  • * Is handy to keep one in the tack room and one in the horse float
  • * Is super to pack in a saddle bag on a trail ride The Equine Emergency

First Aid Kit contains:

  • * KelatoGEN wound treatment ointment 30g
  • * Cotton Wool & Gauze 250g
  • * EnduroWRAP cohesive bandage
  • * KelatoWRAP Adhesive bandage
  • * CoolWRAP Cold compression bandage
  • * SwellDOWN poultice 600g