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The Cutter

Fate has a way of sorting through the roughness of life and turning out the best outcomes...

Australian girl, Raylee Tremayne, has it all. She is young, beautiful, and her overprotective family is extremely wealthy. She also has the number one cutting horse in the world, trained by legendary trainer, Cutter Jones, at her stunning property in the Hunter Valley.

On the other side of the world, Texan rancher, Cutter Jones, is picking up the pieces of his broken life. He is mourning the death of his father, regretting the sale of his beloved colt and has now inherited a ranch sinking deep in debt, while trying to resume his career in the cutting pen.

When Raylee asks Cutter to work with the colt again, their worlds collide spectacularly. His humble upbringing as a cowboy is no match to her privileged life on the vineyard, where Raylee has everything at her beck and call, and it doesn't take him long to see that it's not only the colt that needs his help.

But will Cutter have enough time to take the polish off Raylee and change her into a real cowgirl, before suffering the heartache of saying goodbye to the colt all over again?

The Cowboy Code

The countdown is on to the biggest show on the national cutting horse calendar and professional trainer, Cutter Jones, is ready to defend his title. But the road to success is somewhat rocky.Outside the cutting pen, Cutter is faced with new challenges that test his level of control, so when old wounds are reopened, Cutter needs to cowboy-up and fight for what he believes in, while remaining faithful to the code that he lives by.In the second instalment of The Cutter Series, The Cowboy Code, there are more horses, more laughs, a heart-stopping rodeo, a wild storm, and more family drama, all before Cutter leaves for the show in Dallas to compete at the highest level. The Cowboy Code is the warm-hearted, funny, and ever romantic follow up to The Cutter.

Cowboy Rising

Colton Jones has screwed up one too many times. As the eldest son of Cutter and Raylee, Colton didn't want to become a cutting horse trainer like his father and has thrown himself into the rodeo arena instead. His party-hard ways and sneaky love affair with the neighbour's daughter, Avery O'Brien, has sparked outrage with her father, and after an all-out brawl, the two ranches are not speaking.

In the third book of The Cutter Series, Cowboy Rising, friendships are broken and families are tested, but the horses never miss a beat. Colton Jones is a cowboy who is searching for his own path in life, but it may just be the tough love shown by his father, that helps raise him to the top