Thunderbird - S-28B Solar Energiser 2.5km

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Small Solar Energisers - with Built in Battery

S18B - S75B Series Solar Energisers with Built in Battery

S18B Powers up to 1.5 km
S28B Powers up to 2.5 km

Ideal for small to medium fence applications.


  • Ideal for small fencing applications. Output leads are supplied.

  • Fully portable with carry handle and built in battery.

  • O-Ring sealed case. Low and high power levels.

  • Slides over steel star post.

  • Mains battery charger is supplied for poor weather periods.

  • Magnetic switch - no holes through case.

Stored Energy

Maximum Distance

Voltage @ no load

Voltage @ 10000 Ohms

S18B    0.15 Joules   1.5 km 7.0 kV 2.6 kV
S28B    0.23 Joules   2.5 km 7.2 kV 3.3 kV