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Vella - Meat Bird Starter Crumble 18kg

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Main Features:

High-Quality Proteins - No urea, all protein in the form of true proteins sources.

Coccidiostat - Regano, a natural herbal coccidiostat used, no withholding period for meat and or egg consumption. Also suitable for ducks to consume.

Energy - To assist with growth.

Trace Mineral Premix - To assist in maintaining nutritional balance and health.

Meat Bird Starter has been formulated to suit:

·         Poultry (day old to 6 - 8 weeks)

·         Broilers (day old to 4 - 5 weeks)

·         Game Birds (Quail, Guinea Fowl & Pheasants, day old to 4 - 6 weeks of age) 

General Information:

  • A complete commercial crumble (diet) providing all requirements for young growing stock.
  • The diet should be fed ad-lib to all birds.
  • A natural herbal (Regano) coccidiostat has been added to assist in the control of coccidiosis.
  • Fresh, clean water to be accessible at all times.
  • To assist young stock in the first few days of life, change feed regularly.
  • Feed intakes will vary at times, due to climate, bird health / stress and general housing and access to feeders.


Meat Bird is designed for the domestic grower