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 If you are looking for a quality synthetic saddle look no further. Ezy Ride's Synthetic swinging fender is the perfect saddle for everyday use. This saddle offers comfort and durability.

The Ezy Ride Synthetic saddle is a revolutionary saddle that solves most of the problems with standard stock and half breed saddles.

The Ezy Ride half breed aims to enhance the riding experience by replacing the all-too-familiar “armchair” seat found in stock saddles with a balanced and centred seat that supports and stabilises the rider, encouraging an independent seat and increasing leg control. The fender and stirrup position offers a similar position to that of a dressage saddle which makes the Ezy Ride a great choice for schooling and education sessions.  

Superior comfort and security ensures the Ezy Ride is suitable for riders of all levels, ranging from serious competitors, working stockmen and professional breakers to beginners, leisure riders or those wanting to improve confidence. The broad, flat panels make this saddle extremely comfortable for the horse as it distributes the riders’ weight over a larger area and the relatively light weight of the saddle (under 7 kg bare) has also found it admirers among endurance riders.

 The saddle is manufactured in the popular SECU synthetic suede material, and available in black or brown size 2 only which is 17”, (or 13.5” in the stock saddle measurement). Soft, yet durable and long-lasting, SECU is water-repellent, breathable and easy to clean with a damp cloth. Comes standard with a medium size adjustable gullet. ( that can be heat adjusted by a qualified saddle fitter or by the distributor.)

Size: 2 (17" in English saddle size and 13.5" in stock saddle size)

Saddle available in black or brown.
One size only - Size 2 which is a 17" seat.
This saddle has a fiberglass tree which is set to a medium gullet size, this can be adjusted/pressed by a saddler. 

This saddle is available online only or customed ordered to be picked up in store.