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Horse Riding Helmet Brim - Sun Shade Visor

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Western-style helmet brim that stops horse riders from getting sunburnt. Helmet Brim that you can see through, .made from shade cloth. fits any size or brand of riding helmet, easily attaches to the helmet with adhesive Velcro for easy removal

              Helmet Brim Shade Sun Visor to keep you sun safe while out riding. 

The Helmet Brim attaches with adhesive velcro to any size or brand of horse riding helmet for easy removal on and off.

·         Fits all brands and sizes of helmets, due to the elastic that fits over the top of the helmet.

·         Perfect for all ages. Fits from Kids to Adults Helmets.

·         Made from heavy-duty, quality Australian-made shade cloth, The UV rating of the shade cloth itself is 87%

·         The advantage of shade cloth is that the brim is lightweight. 

·         Doesn't catch the wind. 

·         Stays on at a gallop and in high-wind areas

·         You can see through it when the need arises

·         Keeps its shape with spring wire sewn into the edge 

·         You can have different coloured edge trims to add some bling 

·         Can be put onto another helmet by just getting more adhesive velcros 

·         Your order is posted in a box to stop any damage. Keep the box ~ store your Helmet with the brim left on while not using it.


·         There are 2 sizes, Standard Brim 3.5 inches or 8.89 cm out from the edge of the Helmet

·         The Large brim size is 4.5 inches or 11.43 cm out from the edge of the Helmet 1" wider all round than the standard brim, has extra velcros on the side

Please be sun aware your life may depend on it one day. Prevention is better than a cure.

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