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Benchmark feeds, perfect mash, super fibre feed -

Benchmark Feed is a fairly new horse feed company to enter the market. They’ve only been around for a few short years, but this brand and their products’ popularity have skyrocketed since their introduction to the market. This popularity has first and foremostly come because horse owners are seeing great results. So much so, that Benchmark won the 2023 Innovation Award at Australia’s biggest equine event Equitana. So, what’s so innovative about Benchmark’s feeds? Benchmark feeds have been designed to provide a balanced equine diet with high levels of essential nutrients without relying on grains and grain bi-products. By utilising the...

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calafea oil, equine itch, fly spray, insect protection, insecticide, queensland itch, sweet itch -

Is your horse beginning to itch? Itch season is among us and sadly for horse owners who have an itchy horse this means waging a relentless war on biting insects, specifically midges, that irritate their horse and can cause extreme discomfort. Itch, scientifically known as Equine Culicoides Hypersensitivity, is a medical condition caused by an allergic response to the bites and saliva of Culicoides (midges) and itch most often occurs in horses living in warmer humid climates, such as the Mid Coast, where we all reside. Itch is usually a seasonal problem, with symptoms typically occurring during the hot and wet months between October and April....

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equine itch, fly spray, insect control, insecticide, itch, itch management, itch treatment, permoxin, queensland itch, sweet itch, tick control, understanding itch -

Spring time means all those pesky insects that have been lying dormant during winter are back and biting! Whether it’s those dreaded midges that cause Queensland itch or the frustrating (and for dogs - life threatening) ticks, we have a product to help you combat both! Permoxin is an insecticidal spray and rinse concentrate for horses and dogs that works wonders to control pyrethroid sensitive flies, including Buffalo fly, Stable fly and biting insects, such as Midges on horses. Although not mentioned on the bottle, Permoxin will also work on ticks on horses when used consistently. Permoxin is also fantastic...

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brand ambassador, junior rider, team penning -

Background/bio: I have been around horses my whole life and started riding on and off since I was 8. I’ve been riding a lot more seriously for a bit over a year ago, when our neighbours moved in and I began riding with them. What discipline do you ride/ compete in: I mainly compete in team penning with my team mates Hayden and Eva. I also help mum with ponies that come in for work/ training, so have to do a lot of flat work on them, and I am a member of Camden Haven Pony Club. We will hopefully...

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brand ambassador, junior rider, rising star, team penning -

Background/bio: Having grown up in Sydney until 2021, I really only got in to riding when I visited my Nan and Pop’s house in North Western NSW. Once we moved to the Mid-North Coast we moved our horses over and haven’t stopped riding ever since! What discipline do you ride/compete in? I’ve been competing in team penning and ranch sorting. I also love to ride all around Pampoolah and Kiwarrak State Forest. What horse/horses are you currently competing on? My horses’ names are Matilda and Lenny. Matilda is a bay, 12hh Welsh Mountain Pony mare. She’s a real pocket rocket...

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