Our Top Product Pick for Biting Bug Season

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Our Top Product Pick for Biting Bug Season

Spring time means all those pesky insects that have been lying dormant during winter are back and biting! Whether it’s those dreaded midges that cause Queensland itch or the frustrating (and for dogs - life threatening) ticks, we have a product to help you combat both!

Permoxin is an insecticidal spray and rinse concentrate for horses and dogs that works wonders to control pyrethroid sensitive flies, including Buffalo fly, Stable fly and biting insects, such as Midges on horses. Although not mentioned on the bottle, Permoxin will also work on ticks on horses when used consistently.

Permoxin is also fantastic for controlling fleas and ticks on dogs.

Permoxin can be used in two ways on both horses and dogs, either as a spay or as a rinse.

For use as a spray: Obtain a trigger spray device and keep it exclusively for use with Permoxin. Add 10mL of Permoxin concentrate to every 400mL of water, or if rapid drying is desired, add 10mL of Permoxin concentrate to every 400mL of methylated spirits. Hold the bottle approximately 20cm from coat and spray while ruffling the coat to ensure thorough penetration and coverage of the coat and skin. Spray the entire animal but avoid eyes and mouth. Allow to dry on the coat.

For use as a rinse: Permoxin can be used on a dry coat or after washing. If using shampoo first, rinse coat in clean water and then allow excess water to drain off coat. Make up enough solution to treat the animal by mixing 10mL Permoxin concentrate to every 400mL of water. Apply Permoxin solution to the animal, covering the entire animal, but avoiding the eyes and mouth. A sponge assists application.  Allow to dry on the coat.

For the control of nuisance flies and Queensland itch management on horses we suggest making up a spray solution and using as required. For ticks on horses our tip is to make up a rinse solution and using a sponge cover the entire horse and do this weekly to help prevent tick infestation.

The best defence during insect season is to be consistent with your animal’s treatment. If you’re consistent you will stay on top of insect effects on your animal, which in turn will keep your animal happy and healthy.