Meet our Brand Ambassadors: Arlie Atchison

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Meet our Brand Ambassadors: Arlie Atchison

Background/bio: I have been around horses my whole life and started riding on and off since I was 8. I’ve been riding a lot more seriously for a bit over a year ago, when our neighbours moved in and I began riding with them.

What discipline do you ride/ compete in: I mainly compete in team penning with my team mates Hayden and Eva. I also help mum with ponies that come in for work/ training, so have to do a lot of flat work on them, and I am a member of Camden Haven Pony Club. We will hopefully do some ribbon days soon; a lot of comps have been cancelled recently due to the weather conditions.

What horse are you currently competing on: My horse’s name is Hugo. He is a 12 year old Riding Pony gelding, who stands at about 13hh. We bought him last year when I started riding a lot more. We got him from my parents’ friends down in Canberra. He wasn’t always the quietest horse and could be quite spooky. But the longer we have him, the better he gets. We trust each other a lot now. We get along really well!

What’s been your biggest equestrian achievements: My biggest achievement to date is winning the junior team penning at Wingham with Eva and Hayden, I had to ride with another team the next day and won that day as well.

What are your riding goals for 2022: to get 3 clean runs at team penning and just to get as much saddle time as possible.

What does it mean to be a Mustang & Co Ambassador: Mustang & Co is my favourite saddlery, so it means a lot to become a Brand Ambassador. It means a lot to us kids to be acknowledged by the people you look up to when you’re competing.