Hidez - Equine Front Leg Compression Sock

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Hidez Compression Socks can be used for treatment of injury or swelling, or alternatively as a preventative compression wrap to compress tissues so that fluid does not pool after exercise. If fluid accumulates after exercise, inflammatory enzymes compile. Use of the Hidez Compression Socks will close the area between the cells in which fluid can accumulate making it much easier for the leg to return to pre-exercise status.

The suggested recommended time for use of Hidez Compression Socks is 4-8 hour intervals. Hidez Compression socks can be left on overnight.

Strongly recommended when floating your horse and when stabled at events.

  • simple and easy application - wrap, zip and secure

  • treatment of leg from above the knee or hock to below pastern joint

  • sock panels are cut and sewn to contour to your horses legs

  • reduces swelling and inflammation

  • increases blood circulation to assist rehabilitation from injuries

  • speeds up recovery time for muscle and soft tissue injuries and soreness

  • comfortable to wear without restricting movement

  • can be worn for extended periods of time

  • manufactured from an extremely breathable moisture management fabric

  • will not overheat, even in extreme temperatures

  • holds dressings in place for healing from surgery, cuts, scrapes and scratches

  • secured by Velcro strap and will not slip down

  • protects from insects

  • machine washable


SIZE – Medium (15-16 hh)