Jenquine - EzyMAG+® 1kg

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EzyMAG+® 1kg 

DR JENNIFER STEWART’S EZYMAG+®, SUPPLEMENT FOR ALL HORSES, FOR MUSCLES AND MIND. EzyMAG+ provides clinically recommended levels of magnesium and vitamins E, B1 and B6, supporting muscle, nervous and immune function and protecting against dietary deficiencies.

• Supplement for all horses for muscles & mind.
• Contains high levels of magnesium, vitamins B1,6 & E

Magnesium has a role in the risk reduction and management of several common equine clinical conditions including:
- Behavioural problems (nervousness & excitability)
- Cushings disease (PPID)
- Equine metabolic syndrome (EMS)
- Insulin resistance
- Laminitis
- Muscle problems
- Osteochondrosis
Our EzyMAG+ has 360g of Magnesium per kg Plus the VB1,6 & E. Other similar products only have 90g of Magnesium per kg

Available as a 1kg and 2.5kg powder.