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Joseph Lyddy - Glycerine Saddle Soap

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·         With a high glycerine content this JL Glycerine Saddle Soap is designed mainly as a cleaner.

·         It does contain smalls amounts of natural oils which help to soften and nourish the leather somewhat.

·         For best results, condition and protect the leather after using Glycerine Saddle Soap.

·         Suitable for leather shoes, boots and saddles.


·         Test first in an inconspicuous place before using.

·         Apply Glycerine Saddle Soap with a soft warm damp cloth.

·         Rub gently over saddle or leather article to produce lather and remove grime; applying to entire surface to be treated.

·         Rinse cloth and wipe down saddle/leather article to remove traces of soap before polishing with a clean dry cloth.

·         After drying, apply a finishing coat of a leather dressing such as Jay-El, to soften, nourish and preserve saddle and polish with a clean dry cloth.