Pottie's - White Ointment 350g

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Potties White Ointment 

A soothing antiseptic lanolin based ointment for skin wound and burns on horses and cattle, helpful for cracked teats on cows.

· Mild antiseptic
· UV protection - use on sunburn or to prevent it
· Adhesive - sticks to wounds
· Mild anti fungal 
· Maintains the moisture balance of the wound
· Mild and non drying
· Apply it thickly to create a protective barrier from dirt and bacteria
· Designed for superficial wound use
· Excellent product for the first aid kit

Composition: Each kg contains zinc oxide 112 g, lanolin 62 g, castor oil 187 mL, pine oil 6 mL in an ointment base.
Actions: Antiseptic and soothing.
Indications: Skin wounds and burns on horses and cattle; cracked teats on cows.
Withholding: Periods Nil.
Directions for use: Apply to affected area twice daily.