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EQUINE JOINT FORMULAE™ (EJF) TUFFROCK EJF is a powerful natural feedstuff for horses made from the world’s first energised volcanic minerals bio-available for collagen, joint and stress support. A “wholistic” approach addressing synovial joint fluid; cartilage structure; bone density and supporting ligaments, tendons, muscles & digestive health. EJF is a blend of supercharged TuffRock C+ (Conditioner Plus) liquid with wheat bran, pollard and calcium. Basically all about gut health and collagen.... TuffRock EJF looks like breadcrumbs, smells like salt & vinegar chips AND Horses of all ages really love the taste.

One 50 gram scoop a day per 350+ kg bodyweight in feed can result in:-

• Collagen Support™ the key ingredients are a fine blend of energised alumino-silicates designed to support the generation of Collagen types I, II and III. These are the building blocks (amino acid glue) that help make-up skin (show condition shiny coat, mane, tail & hoof); connecting tissues for performance (muscle, ligament, tendon, around vital organs & mucosal linings); and contains gut acid stabilisers for recovery after work; plus added calcium for skeletal density. Important combinations for normal healthy, supple joints.

• Feed Conversion & Mucosal Linings EJF can help maintain healthy mucosal linings on the small intestine (nutrient pathway); in the stomach (ulcer protection); and normal acetic / lactic gut acid levels. This is great for horse happiness and wellbeing. If needed … additional TuffRock Conditioner Plus liquid can also be included in the evening feed for horses under hard work to help maintain normal physiology.

• Normal Healthy Gut Acid supports normal physiology and can also reduce the risk of tying up, ulcers, or colic (hind gut fermentation) plus this helps to support the environment for gut flora to function properly. EJF minerals, restructured crude fat and protein are nutrients for enzymes that support natural generation of healthy synovial joint fluid.

• Anti-toxin Action toxins in horses are generally regarded to have an extremely detrimental effect on any horses’ ability to generate their own synovial joint fluid. We invented the world’s first energised 3 and 2 dimensional volcanic product matrix that holds an opposite charge to toxins or pathogens. Opposites attract for adsorption into our unique matrix which naturally reduces the risk of gut stress from unwanted microbial challenges. This naturally supports normal performance enzymes, bone and joint feedstuff conversion.

 • Pathogen Protection by binding pathogens such as bad bacteria or toxins we inhibit their reaction with gut based host cells or receptors to help maintain normal health and vitality.


All Ingredients comply with APVMA MRL Standard Table 4 and are made from stable 100% Australian all-natural energised 3 and 2 dimensional volcanic colloidal minerals that are blended with wheat bran and pollard to contain Crude Protein 12%, Crude Fibre 12%, Fat 1.5%, Calcium (Ca) 3.85% and volcanic minerals Magnesium (Mg) 0.23% Potassium (P) 0.03% Phosphorus (P) 0.03% Sodium (Na) 0.6% Sulphur (S) 0.01% Iron (Fe) 0.7% Copper (Cu) 3mg/kg Manganese (Mn) 282 mg/kg Zinc (Zn) 33 mg/kg

Available in 2.5kg or 10kgs