Vetsense Otiderm - 125mL

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VetSense Otiderm is a special ear and wound cleansing liquid for cats, dogs and horses. The low pH formulation is highly effective in cleaning the debris and excess wax from animals’ ears. It aids in easy removal of dead cells and devitalised tissues. VetSense Otiderm is highly effective in inhibiting bacterial growth and further stops infection. It helps in cleaning wounds by removing dead cells, and aids in faster healing. The APVMA approved product, Otiderm helps in keeping the wounds sterile. The low pH level does not cause any irritation and is safe to use in dogs, cats and horses.

How does it work?

Otiderm is a uniquely designed ear cleaner which also works as wound cleaner. The active ingredients low in pH causes separation of collagen molecules by rupturing the hydrogen bonding. The organic acids react with Carboxyl and amino groups in the collagen. Once applied these organic acids forces the collagen chains to break apart. Thus, it helps in removing the debris and dead cells easily. The devitalised tissues absorb water and swell, which makes lot easier to be extracted from the ear canal. However, the healthy tissues are unaffected because of natural barriers to the organic acids and sufficient buffering capacity to maintain a near neutral pH.