Meet our Brand Ambassadors: Mackenzie Bending

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Meet our Brand Ambassadors: Mackenzie Bending

Background/bio: I have loved horses since I was a young girl, a passion for the sport has been there since day one. I grew up on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, where I was unable to keep a horse, until I started having lessons in Oxford Falls.

From there, my parents were given a horse for free - Portia. This horse taught me everything you should and shouldn’t do around horses. I would climb on her, jump off her, ride her bareback and bitless with no shoes on. I think at one stage I rode her with my arm still in a cast. Portia wouldn’t truck or float anywhere, so we were and still are to this day stuck with her. She was the kind of horse that made you brave because you had no choice but to be, 12 year old me didn’t have time for a push button pony and it made me the adrenaline junky I am today.

I then moved up to Nabiac in 2017 where I owned two different OTTBs that I have now moved on from and sold. During covid, Blue was bought for me. We had a rocky start, no sense of direction or what I wanted to do with him. We tried a few different disciplines from sporting, cow sorting, to showjumping - nothing clicked. Until eventing did. I had my first event on Blue at Quirindi ODE in May 2022 and from that point on, I’ve had a passion and drive for eventing. I have just moved down to the Hunter Valley to work at Werakata Farm as a full-time working pupil for Andrew Barnett and Tarsha Hammond.

What discipline do you ride/ compete in? I am an eventer, I compete in three day events and one day events. I am currently competing at EVA 60/65cm 

What horse are you currently competing on? I currently own and compete one horse. Painted Blue is his registered name, Blue is his stable name and what I affectionately call him.

Tell us about your Blue: Blue is a rising 10-year-old, 15.1hh tobiano paint x arab. He’s got two blue eyes, hence the name. Blue loves bananas and the food I pack myself for lunch. He’s a calm and collected fellow on the ground and is good with foals and yearlings. He stays calm in sticky situations too and always has my back. Blue is a speed machine out on cross country and gives thoroughbreds a run for their money. Blue loves the beach and galloping through trails bareback. He’s my best friend.

What’s been your biggest equestrian achievements/highlights to date? - Competing at the Ariat Sydney International 3DE in June 2022
- Moving to Werakata Farm to pursue my passion
- Being able to compete at all, especially after owning a horse that would never go anywhere, ever. My biggest goal 5 years ago was to compete at Nabiac Show, now I’m travelling far and wide competing!

What are you riding goals for 2022?
- To compete in my first EVA 80cm
- To successfully complete a cross country course with a finish on optimum time.
- Place in my next EVA 65cm class
- Lastly to have my horse working at his best

What does it mean to you to be a Mustang & Co Brand Ambassador for 2022? To be a brand ambassador for Mustang & Co is nothing but a privilege. The team at Mustang & Co are always so lovely and kind, they go above and beyond for your agricultural and equestrian needs. I use Mustang & Co for all my feeding and equipment needs, from hay to fly masks, they’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. It means that I get to represent a company that I 100% trust in and stand by.

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