Rain, Rain Go Away! Treating Rain scald and Mud Fever

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Rain, Rain Go Away! Treating Rain scald and Mud Fever

Rain, rain go away!

Anyone else's horse currently experiencing the wrath of rain scald?

Rain Scald and Mud Fever are caused by a bacteria called Dermatophilus Congolensis, which often occurs in horses exposed to wet and muddy conditions for extended periods (like most of us are experiencing right now!)

Rain Scald is contagious and can spread from horse to horse through direct contact or from sharing rugs, tack and brushes.

If your horse is suffering from rain scald our secret tip is to use a combination of Paraffin Oil and a medicated shampoo.

The key to eliminating rain scald is to remove the scabs. Paraffin Oil is an effective product to apply to rain scald scabs to soften them, making it easier for you to remove them and less painful for your horse.

Once you have removed all the scabs wash your horse with a medicated shampoo, such as Malaseb or Hoss Gloss. Repeat this process for 7-10 days until rain scald has cleared up.

Where possible keep your horse dry by stabling or using a raincoat. Make sure if you're rugging your horse that your horse is staying dry underneath the coat and remember the rug must be taken off when it's hot and sunny as this will only add extra sweat and moisture to the skin, which bacteria loves!

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